Teacher Training

The NEW Verge YTT 2020-21

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

When is the last time you lived outside your comfort zone? When is the last time you really felt fully awake and alive?

Has 2020 opened your eyes to the need for exploration or adaptation within your life? Are you ready to explore something new, or build a new skill set?

We are inviting you to join our master teachers and explore and discover your own limits in our 200-Hour Verge Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our NEW 2020-21 program will feature flexible online and in-studio education and instruction, customizable to each student’s preferences and needs. Complete the program YOUR way, in a flexible learning environment, where you can choose and adapt content based on how you learn best. 

For the past 16 years Verge has been producing the BEST YOGA TEACHERS in the Philadelphia area. To celebrate, our next program will include MORE CONTENT and MORE FACILITATORS, and MORE YOGA!


In short, the Verge Yoga Teacher Training Program will TRANSFORM YOU!

If you are going to commit 200 hours of your life to learning to teach yoga, then you owe it to yourself to consider Verge’s 7-Weekend intensive program taught by an experienced team of some of Philadelphia’s most popular teachers. All senior Verge teachers are assigned as mentors to work with each YTT student individually throughout the seven-month YTT program. Our one-on-one focus brings out the very best that you have to offer as an individual, and in turn, as a teacher and leader. We are committed to helping each Verge YTT Student move beyond his/her boundaries.

You do not have to want to be a yoga teacher to participate, just a willingness to be challenged and have a passion to grow. You will dive deep into your body through invigorating asana practice and be immersed in your mind through our extensive meditation training. Through hard work and dedication and the support of community, you will awaken to an elegant and empowered teacher from within.

While many of our graduates have gone on to teach yoga, others have applied our training to enhance their careers as therapists, trainers, business professionals and parents. We are committed to helping you make the most of our training program so that you take your unique experience into your life and share your journey with others.

If not now, then when? Dare to live an empowered life, wake up to be fully alive!

What makes this year’s program “NEW”?

Our world is changing, our focus is changing, we have the opportunity to dig deep within ourselves, simplify and choose what needs our attention, and focus on inner strength and exploration – Choose what edges you want to push into. Verge YTT one-on-one focus brings out the best that you have to offer as an individual, and in turn, as a teacher/leader. Move through and beyond your edges. The best teachers (and leaders) speak from their own experience “in the fire”.

What if I don’t want to teach Yoga?

Their primary interest is personal growth. Verge YTT is a unique personal leadership program that focuses on Physical Intelligence, Mindfulness, Mental Strength, Clear Authentic Communication and Personal Wellbeing. Regardless of whether you are called to teach, you will build invaluable new skills and capacities for your work and your life.

What makes Verge YTT so different?

Individual Focus. Our exceptional Verge YTT staff focuses on you to awaken and become fully alive. Verge YTT will not only transform your yoga practice, it will Unblock, Unleash and Unfold your natural intelligence, which will transform your life. If you are going to make the commitment of time and money, don’t settle for anything less.

Want to find out more?

Please email info@vergeyogacenter.com, call us at (610) 971-0518 or attend one of our YTT Information Sessions to learn about our curriculum, our schedule, the requirements and what to expect in Verge Yoga’s 16th Yoga Teacher Training Program. We are always happy to meet with you one-on-one at Verge Yoga.

Click Here to Apply for the 2020-2021 Verge Yoga Center YTT

2020 – 2021 Curriculum

(October 2020 – March 2021)

The Physical Teacher – Learn to Teach

  • Brand New Beginner Series
  • Stability
  • Flow
  • Gentle Yin
  • Yoga Strength

Learn to Meditate

  • The Foundations of Meditation
  • Embodying the Natural State
  • Enlightened Communication
  • Meditation and Movement

The Mental Coach – Learn to Communicate

  • Mental Strength Training Techniques
  • Holding Space for Students
  • Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort
  • Finding Your Authentic Voice
  • Teaching Through a Trauma Sensitive Lens

The Human Body – Understand the Mechanics

  • Movement, Modifications and Alignment Principles
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Assisting Techniques
  • Functional Movement and Simple Biomechanics
  • Muscle Activation and Creating Bandha’s
  • Roll Model Method for Fascial Release

The Essential Elements of Teaching

  • Teacher’s Toolbox
  • Cueing Template
  • Mood Manager
  • Mental Coach
  • Sequencing and Music Selection
  • Prop Usage and Wall Yoga

The Foundation – Learn the Philosophy

  • The Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga
  • Yoga Sutras
  • Noble Eight-Fold Path of Buddhism
  • Code of Ethics
  • Importance of Savasna

2020 – 2021 YTT Facilitators

Emily Forte
Owner, Director
Cara Bradley
Jane Rosato

Kristin Page
Renee Hollander
Linda Schellenger
Janine Greenwood
Colleen Sullivan
Carole McKeon
Liz Seaden


Program Details

Session Dates
10/16 – 10/18
11/6 – 11/8
12/4 – 12/6
1/8 – 1/10
2/5 – 2/7
2/26 – 2/28
3/19 – 3/21

Weekend Hours (may vary slightly)
Fridays 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Saturdays 10:30 – 5:30 pm
Sundays 10:30 – 3:30 pm

Weekend Program
(4+) Yoga Practices
Meditation Sessions
Practice Teaching Session
Lectures and Experiential Learning

Additional Non-Weekend Training
(included in tuition)

8 months of unlimited Verge On-Demand Classes
Participate in a Brand New Beginner Series
Observe/assist in a Brand New Beginner Series
Attend Practice Teaching Sessions
Attend 2-3 Verge Yoga classes per week (YTT’s receive student rate or YTT auto-renew rate of $100/mo. for the duration of the program)
*Online group meeting every other Wednesday

$3,250 (10% off if paid in cash or in full by Sept 1)
$325 non-refundable deposit
Payment Plan:
Deposit plus 7 monthly payments of $418 (starting Oct 1)