Additional Verge Offerings

We are committed to supporting our students as you evolve in your daily practices through additional training opportunities. Our Specialty Classes and Series are opportunities to dive deep and discover how yoga and meditation can offer you glimpses beyond your busy mind into the space of stillness. These programs are designed to optimize how you strengthen your mind and body. They are opportunities to live the Verge Experience more deeply—synchronizing your mind and body through movement and stillness. Unblock, Unfold, and Unleash.

Specialty Classes & Series

To help you deepen your understanding of your body and mind.

“Beyond Your Boundaries”

Yoga Teacher Training Program

If you are going to commit 200 hours of your life to learning to teach yoga, then you owe it to yourself to consider Verge Yoga. Since 2005, the Verge Yoga Teacher Training program has consistently developed some of Philadelphia’s most popular teachers.


Our retreats are the Ultimate Verge Experience and provide exceptional opportunities to go deeper and relax – unblock, unfold, unleash in beautiful retreat destination settings.