Verge On Demand

Take your daily Verge Yoga class wherever you are with our streaming Verge Yoga On Demand videos. You can practice yoga 24 hours a day 7 days a week from home, on the road or at the shore. We offer daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly and Auto-renew options to serve your needs.

Please Note: Verge On Demand classes are offered through, so your credit card purchase will reflect a charge by Vimeo, not Verge Yoga.

“I recently traveled to a conference and did the 25 min Stability practice before a long day of educational sessions. Just 25 min helped my outlook, breathing, and stamina for the day. Also did the Flow 60 while at the conference.

The really cool part is that because I’ve been coming regularly to Verge Yoga since September of last year, the On-Demand classes make me feel like I’m at Verge, just the class is going on right then, but I happen to be elsewhere. I think it also helps to see at least a few familiar student/instructor faces in the videos, too.

Thanks for providing this great Verge Yoga alternative!”

– Bess Yates

Verge Yoga on Demand Includes:

  • Your favorite Verge Yoga Classes – Flow, Stability, Foundations, Stability Plus
  • Your favorite Verge Teachers
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Auto Renew access plans
  • New yoga classes added frequently

How to Purchase:

1. Selection Day Pass, Month Pass, Three-Month Pass or One-Year Pass
2. Sign in to Vimeo. (Note: You will need a separate log in from your Verge Log In – Please Note that your credit card purchase will be Vimeo, not Verge Yoga).
3. Complete the purchase.
4. Enjoy Verge’s On Demand Classes.

Our Auto-Pay Customers enjoy Verge On Demand as part of their monthly membership. For more information about our Auto-Pay program, check out Verge Auto-Pay