Get Ready to Feel Great!

Take a big exhale as you enter the doors to Verge Yoga. You are about to get your first sense of what we call the Verge Yoga Experience. You will sense it in the warm greeting you receive from our staff and teachers and you will see it on the faces of our students as they walk out of our classes relaxed, smiling and yes, sweaty.

If you are new to yoga practices, let us guide you.

Yoga Starter Series

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If you are a brand new to yoga, then our Yoga Starter Series program is the best place to start. Our Starter Series includes 3 instructional classes and an unlimited month class pass. Our Starter Series program is designed to build a strong foundation for a life long, successful yoga practice. It teaches the fundamental principles of yoga-based movement and why Verge Yoga Center offers you a complete system of wellness.

Starter Series doesn’t fit in your schedule? Try a Private Session. Many of our teachers are happy to work with you one-on-one.

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New to Verge Special

5 Classes for $50


Intelligent Functional Movement. Build muscular strength, joint stability and mental clarity in our gently heated (not hot!) bodymind practice offering variations of “prime” yoga poses essential for overall wellbeing.

What is the difference between Prime and Stability? Prime is gently heated, offers more variations, and does not have the same poses in every class.


Build physical and mental stability in this invigorating class designed to challenge beginner to advanced students. The focus on breath and alignment principles fosters strength and clarity. The consistency of the practice promotes a deep sense of healing and well-being. Perfect for athletes.


Unwind and give yourself the gift of peace and calm in this nurturing all-levels yoga class. An ultimate yoga experience including a slow, dynamic standing warm-up, restorative and yin yoga poses, breathing practices and meditation.

Flow Foundations

This flow class will take you on a journey through a simple flow sequence at a moderate pace. Flow Foundations class is specifically designed for students who want to focus on form and technique, without feeling rushed from pose to pose. Students will experience the same basic format in each Flow Foundations class. This class is also great for Stability students looking to transition to Flow.

And if you’d like more guidance, ask any of our teachers or our staff to help you or email us at