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We understand that life is busy, your time is limited, and you want to optimize how you strengthen your mind and body.  At Verge, we push the boundaries of movement, mindfulness, and strength training to offer you the most effective and innovative set of practices to be clear and confident, to have more energy, and to feel fully alive.  This is the Verge Experience—synchronizing your mind and body through movement and stillness.  This is the Verge Experience—unblock, unfold, and unleash.

Carole McKeon

Owner & Director

Getting Started

If you are New to Verge Yoga, let us guide you as to how to get started and which classes may be best for you.

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The Verge Experience

Experience Yourself beyond your busy mind.

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Our Center, Our Community

Coming to Verge is like Coming Home.

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Our Team of Teachers

Consistency and Excellence are two of the qualities which set Verge apart. Our Team of Teachers are simply the best.

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