Verge Auto-Pay

Auto-pay Membership now includes:

  • Unlimited Weekly Classes
  • Unlimited access to On Demand Library of Verge Video and Audio Classes
  • 20% off most Verge Yoga Workshops and Series
  • 10% off Retail Products (mats, towels, etc.)

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$150 per Month – Single Member

$270 per Month – Couple

$140 per month Young Adult(Under 25 years)/Senior (Over 65)

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Auto-Pay Cost Saving Example:
Auto-Pay Classes per Month** Price per Class
$150 10 $15.00
$150 12 $12.50
$150 15 $10.00
$150 20 $7.50

** Plus Unlimited On Demand Classes

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Cancel or Freeze

Please allow 10 days notice prior to the next billing date to cancel or freeze your Auto-Pay. Written notice is required (email will suffice).

  • $25 Freeze Charge
  • 6 month waiting period to re-start membership after cancellation